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About Us

Yoga balances the mind, body, and spirit throughout the practice

nourishing our hearts 

and awakens us to the beauty within us all.

My Story

My name is Nicole Sidman

I founded Anahata Yoga, LLC, in 2017. I believe in the importance of connecting to our sacred Earth through yoga. I practice using movement and breath to stay in-tune with our own Divine essence. 

My yoga journey started almost a decade earlier, finding yoga in 2009 and beginning teaching in 2011. I am a 500-hour, Yoga Alliance certified Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher. I have thousands of hours of teaching experience, teaching people from all walks of life. And I teach every class from a place of pure joy.


Yoga is essential for all people. Everybody has the capacity to practice some form of yoga to enhance one’s entire being.


I have trained yoga teachers and created a variety of workshops and wellness programs. I am trained in advanced crystal healing, meditation, and Ayurveda. I am a certified giver of oneness blessings (Deeksha) and I attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.


I integrate these and many more experiences into my yoga classes, workshops, and retreats. Let me help you invest in your journey, enhance and elevate our collective spirit to bring more joy and light to our lives. 

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