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Private Sessions

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In addition to my regular studio classes, I am available for the following sessions.

Please contact me and ask about how I can design a personalized yoga session for you.

Anahata Yoga wallpaper background design

One on one sessions provide some well deserved "me time" to focus unapologetically on you. Time to balance your mind, body & spirit. Sessions include a consultation before the postures begin, meditation, an approximately one hour yoga practice, and an optional oneness blessing. All private sessions are one hour.

Prenatal private sessions are designed to nourish mother & baby. This sacred time together where you are holding the space each other. Time to connect through breath, poses, and meditation. Finding your balance with your baby. The restorative & rejuvenating sessions are one hour.

Postnatal private sessions begin 5-8 weeks after birth. Session focus on getting momma's body back to basics, with strengthening postures for the pelvic floor & restoring poses for the body post birth. This is a time to connect with self and your new post baby self. The healing & strengthening momma sessions are one hour.


Private Sessions


Prenatal Sessions


Postnatal Sessions

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