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Studio Class Descriptions

Bright Morning Yoga

Begin the day aligning your body and mind with this mixed level yoga from the heart.

Dynamic Sun Yoga

Dynamic stretch and strength training to optimize your body for longevity.

Lunchtime Sun Yoga

Feed your body with yoga before your week ends and pre-game the weekend with a touch of self care.

Radiant Moon Yoga

Reinvigorate and oxygenate your body with the slow flow class designed to repair your overworked muscles, nourish your spirit, and quiet your mind for improved focus & sleep.

Kids Mindfulness Yoga

Self care is a gift for your kids, especially if they have feeling pressure, stressors, and anxiety.  We work on techniques to empower the child with tools to cope with the stressors of school, activities, and daily life. Through our yoga poses, breathing practices, and we facilitate a more confidence sense of self and calmer centered mind.

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